Supply and import

Undoubtedly, the supply and import of industrial nozzles and nozzles is one of the concerns of Spadflow Industrial Group. Large and small factories in many cases need to supply industrial nozzles from foreign suppliers and manufacturers. Spadflow Industrial Group Al-Raqm has tried to always support the industrial factories with the current displacement problems and to supply the nozzles desired by the factories according to the requested number and brand or in a specialized way by considering the working conditions with the proposed number and brand in various imported methods.

In most factories in spray lines from reputable brands of German Lechler, BETE, PNR, Spraying system, MC Germany, MC China (CY SPRAY), IkeuchI Japan are used.

برندهای معروف تولید نازل پاشش صنعتی

Among the mentioned brands, in most cases, 3 reputable brands, Lechler, Germany, BETE, PNR, England, are requested by our industrial factories.


As the No. 1 spraying technology in Europe, in a large range of nozzles, it suggests choosing the right nozzle in the right application and taking into account the exact amount of fluid consumed. Lekhler has provided optimization in a wide range of process and application industries with more than 25,000 variations in nozzles. In the field of spraying nozzles and systems, Lekhler claims that with significant industry dominance and over 140 years of experience, no one has mastered their spraying technology to such an extent.

BETE-companyBETE Fog Nozzle, Inc. has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of spray nozzles for more than half a century. BT spray technology includes: Fog and misting nozzles, Tank washing nozzles, Material injection nozzles, custom spray lances and design And construction of spraying systems.

PNR companyPNR UK Ltd started its activity in 1968 in the field of spraying nozzles (spray nozzles). The company now claims to meet all industrial spraying nozzle requirements in terms of standards and expertise. The company’s activities range from flat fan nozzles, full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, to two-phase atomizers, tank washing nozzles cleaning heads), and more.